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It is with much pride and appreciation to all my students throughout the years that I have been an instructor since 1998, teaching private and public classes and workshops for beginners through advanced level dancers throughout the New England area.

With my extensive background in movement therapies, exercise physiology, and classical dance, I feel that I have intelligently and artistically engineered, to the best of my abilities, a pedagogy using the beautiful and ancient structures of the belly dance that has proven successful in applying restorative strength, flexibility, and health, while conditioning and preparing the body to dance to its fullest at any age and in any type of body.  

As well, I feel confident in that the public promotion and edification of the belly dance as a multifaceted and skillful art form can be a place where women can come together and, in a safe and nurturing place, find creativity and artistry in their bodies; to feel beautiful and rejoice in their many abilities, innately and expressively.

In my many years of performing, the art of the belly dance can also bring a lot of excitement and happiness to special occasions. I am thrilled to be able to continue to produce and perform dances for audiences and in events for many occasions. To those who hire me, I thank you for giving me such a vibrant and rewarding career, sharing my love and joy of the dance with you, and allowing me to be a participant in making your event a joyous and celebratory one!

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